Personnel and associates have worked on projects for across market sectors including:
Honeywell, PG&E Energy Services, Johnson Controls, Siemens Controls, Enron Energy Services, HDR, Brown Vence and Associates, Axiom Engineers, California Energy Commission, Cogent Energy, EnerNOC, City of Antioch, City of Petaluma, Contra Costa County, Merced County, Numerous School districts (under CA prop 39), California State Prisons, Federal Prisons, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Vineyard 29, City of Monterey, City of Benicia, Dominican Hospital, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Kaweah Delta Hospital, etc.

PROJECTS:      |      Upgrade Cost Est.

Retrofit and improvement projects range from $2,000 to $200 Million.

Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory California   |  $24 Million
Identified and quantified creative campus-wide energy and utility
cost-saving projects at the lab since the 1990’s including recent ESPC major mechanical HVAC and process systems and DDC EMCS for every building, including C.U.P.., chillers, boilers, motors, VFDs, air handlers, fume hoods, chemical-free LCW, etc. Projected annual cost savings of $5.1 Million.

Kaweah Delta Hospital District, California     |     $25 Million
Developed detailed energy efficient options study and initial design for the new central plant and mechanical equipment selections including 7.0 MW turbine cogeneration facility to support major hospital expansion to one million sq.ft. Construction began in 2005. Resulted in projected annual utility cost savings of over $5.1 Million.  [Phase 1 complete]

Data Center, Texas     |     $250 Million

Developed preliminary designs and documented costs benefits for 200 MW cogeneration N+2 uninterruptible continuous power supply that creatively generated projected energy revenues of over $200 Million

Merced County, California      |     $36 Million
Comprehensive county-wide energy and utility cost retrofit guaranteed self-funding project. Developed major HVAC upgrades, lighting, EMCS controls, tri/cogeneration, solar photovoltaic, waste to energy, retro-commissioning, well water
groundwater remediation, water conservation, trash compaction, energy master plan. Resulted in projected annual energy utility cost savings of $4.2 Million.

City of Antioch, California      |       $12 Million
Citywide self-funded guaranteed performance energy conservation project in two phases. This included raw water pumping upgrade to 1250 HP and 16 MGD, voltage upgrade, rate conversion, 2+ miles of buried 30-in. raw water piping and street rework, lighting retrofits, LED traffic lights, variable pumping, extensive HVAC replacements and fix-up, etc. Master energy plan, M&V guidance. Substantial renovation of City Hall HVAC to solve severe noise and comfort issues. Resulted in delighted customer with unsolicited references and overachieved annual savings energy and water cost savings of $2 million.

Arizona Federal Prison System, Arizona      |     $13 Million
Identified and developed ESPC energy services retrofit projects for seven federal prisons. Projects included solar PV, solar hot water, ECMS, central plant renovation, ground-source loops, resulting in annual utility cost savings of $1.2Million.

New Mexico K-12 School Districts     |      $8 Million
Developed energy retrofit projects template and analysis for a dozen small school districts in New Mexico that resulted in annual energy cost savings of $1.0 Million.

Hartnell College, California       |      $2 Million
Campus-wide comprehensive energy conservation project that creatively including conversion to non-core natural gas, electric voltage upgrade, EMCS controls, and thermal ice storage, resulting in reduced annual energy costs less half of 54 %. 

Salinas Valley Hospital, California     |     $11 Million
A hospital-wide self-funded energy conservation project in two phases. The project included the new central plant building, tower free cooling, high-pressure steam boilers replaced with innovative hot oil heaters which kept steam while eliminating boiler watch, gas engine driven chiller, and new central plant building. Resulted in annual energy and labor cost savings of $1.0 Million.

San Francisco County General Hospital, California     |     $5 Million
Implementation of a central plant upgrade project resulting in new central plant equipment. Resulted in projected annual energy saving of $1.1 Million.

University of Southern California       |     $54 Million
Developed energy efficiency design with alternatives for complete HVAC mechanical system redesign for the historic 1930s Gymnasium conversion to modern use. Included tie into a new chilled water storage system, campus steam system, and new variable air volume air-handlers.

California Public Utilities Commission, California      |     $9 Million
Managed installation of monitoring and verification program for over 30 cogeneration projects throughout California used for the evaluation and improvement of the SGIP.

City of Sebastopol, California     |     $2 Million
Managed development and project management of 100% self-financing citywide energy conservation retrofit project including renovated HVAC, variable municipal pumping, SCADA controls, lighting, opportunity identification, cost and savings calculations, and contractor management. Resulted in energy cost savings of 30%

University of California at San Francisco / Davis      |     $117 Million
At UCSF, as part of the system-wide energy program from AB-32, ‘Sustainable Practices Policy, UCSF Strategic Energy Plan’ campus-wide retrofit project. Identified and helped to quantify projects for all mechanical HVAC and process systems 5 HP. Tiers 1-3. At UCD, engineering team for the campus-wide monitoring retro-commissioning project. Resulted in annual energy savings of $10.3 Million.

Martinez Unified School District, California      |     $11 Million

Comprehensive district-wide energy retrofits project. Developed PG&E sponsored energy including detailed senior and middle schools, including HVAC, kitchens, automation, lighting, tri/cogeneration, solar PV and thermal. Resulting in annual energy cost savings of $1.5 Million.




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